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Tommy’s Margarita Mix

October 22nd 2015

Tommy’s Margarita Mix challenged us to reenergize their social media presence. We started by establishing a brand tone of voice, interacting with both existing and potential customers by using #KeepTheSummer. We also created a well-curated visual tone for their Instagram account. The campaign launched on the Autumnal Equinox (September 22nd) as a celebration of summer.    

A ClearView of Success

July 28th 2015

Summer session of Young and Hungry Co-op is off to a full swing; working with many great companies and organizations here in the San Francisco Bay Area. One relatively new partner is ClearView Audio. A brilliant team of designers and engineers with the innovative insight to see the future of the "connected home"; and fired up to showcase the revolutionary sounds of home audio. Clio, unique for its design and award winning for it ingenuity is invisible, wireless, and beautiful. ...Read More

Behind The Scenes: Motorcycle Shoot

February 16th 2015

Speaking to the artist’s mindset, Zach Charters designed a series of motivational posters for the online marketplaces Café Press and Zazzle. Working with local photographer/collaborator Chad Jenkins, the posters successfully came to life and were published in a limited run. This video shows how they achieved the end result.

We Are the Audience You’re Trying to Reach

January 26th 2015

The latest identity update for Young & Hungry translates the spirit of the creative co-op into a dynamic, ever-changing visual system. The video below by Alexandra Camacho and Maximo Centro brings the agency mantra to life. We work harder, do more, stay up later, not because we have to but because we don’t have any quit in us. We feel the need to prove over and over again the great ideas a diverse group of creative millennials can create for ...Read More

Young & Hungry: Stay Fresh, Stay Creative

December 18th 2014

Here at Young & Hungry we're constantly turning out fresh, creative ideas — especially when it comes to inspiring ourselves within the agency itself. One member of our team, Niaz Zia, seems to always have some type of project in the works. A brilliant Art Director with a knack for helping her audience see this with a different perspective, it's always exciting to see what she's cooking up. This past month she took on the task of creating a series of ...Read More